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Recuperacion de Datos

Recuperacion files persi da hard disk. All the information contained in hard disks, is stores by means of sequences of “” and “zeros”. For example when the letter "A" in a document of a text processor is introduced, the character is stored later in the disc like a sequence 01000010. These are the eight bits that form a byte of data.

The sequence is arbitrary, comprises of the standard ASCII, which turns it a character ASCII. When the character is written in the disc, the reading head changes its polarity rythmically to turn the pattern a sequence of eight magnetic points throughout a track. A change of polarity indicates a binary state 1, and if there is no change, it indicates a binary state 0.

Perdita dei data in dischi rigidi. When the discs read the data, which does is to invest the process. The head glides passively over the surface of the disc and as the small magnets that form the magnetic fields happen underneath, they produce small disturbances in the magnetic field of the head. The circuits of the disk drive amplify these slight disturbances and they turn them sequences of 1 and 0, which are transmitted to the Chips of memory of the system. The hard disk writes at least ten thousands of fields by inch (2.54 cm) of track. In a second, below the read/write head they pass at least one hundred million magnetic fields.

Recuperación Datos de Discos Duros. In the data retrieval, the information is transferred using one of the two following techniques: formerly in the first equipment that left to the market the own microprocessor made the work by itself, but at the moment it is used to the direct memory access (DMA, Direct Memory Access).

System DMA tells on a special chip that it directly transfers each data of the controller board to the memory in a single step, instead of carrying out the process of two steps that it requires to transfer them first a the microprocessor and later to the memory.

Recuperar Discos Duros. UDMA.
Next each data in the memory of the system, in the areas that have been reserved for “buffers”. The number of “buffers”and its size are formable depending on the operating system and the necessities of the applications, being in Windows through pagefile.

LineaRed, empresa de recuperación de datos que otorga un constante valor añadido a todos y cada uno de sus trabajos.

Como referente de una actividad consolidada, nuestro modelo de servicios de recuperacion de datos integra la eficiencia y confidencialidad, con sistemas de alta tecnología ofreciendo soluciones a pequeñas, medianas y grandes empresas.

La calidad de los resultados en recuperacion de datos y la satisfacción de nuestros clientes, así lo demuestran.

Nuestro equipo humano sostiene una intensa actividad mediante el uso de herramientas técnicas de última generación, conformando un sistema global diseñado para generar soluciones de recuperación de datos.


Si su disco está averiado, proceda con cautela facilitando la recuperacion de datos. Los componentes son delicados. Cabezales, electrónica, platos, motor, son elementos de precisión con poco margen de tolerancia a fallos. Lo mas importante es su dato.

Recuperacion de Datos Recuperacion de Datos Recuperacion de Datos
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